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Developer(s)dotPDN, LLC
TypeImage and Photo Editor Software
Latest Version4.1.5
Operating SystemWindows
FeaturesSimple, Intuitive, Fastest Image Editor

Paint.NET is a freeware image and photo editor program for Microsoft Windows, developed on the .NET Framework. It was originally created by Rick Brewster as a Washington State University student project, and has evolved from a simple replacement for the Microsoft Paint program into an editor with support for layers, blending, transparency, and plugins. It features an intuitive and innovative user interface with support for layers, unlimited undo, special effects, and a wide variety of useful and powerful tools. The interface is enhanced for Aero Glass if you are using Windows 7.

Paint.NET has been compared to other digital photo editing software packages such as Adobe Photoshop, Corel Paint Shop Pro, Microsoft Photo Editor, and The GIMP. Every feature and user interface element was designed to be immediately intuitive and quickly learn able without assistance. In order to handle multiple images easily, Paint.NET uses a tabbed document interface. The tabs display a live thumbnail of the image instead of a text description. This makes navigation very simple and fast. Paint.NET depends on Microsoft’s .NET Framework, which is automatically installed if it isn’t already on the system.

  • Simple, intuitive, and innovative user interface.
  • Performance, Extensive work has gone into making Paint.NET the fastest image editor available.
  • Layers, Usually only found on expensive or complicated professional software, layers form the basis for a rich image composition experience.
  • Active Online Community, Paint.NET has an online forum with a friendly, passionate, and ever-expanding community.
  • Updates are free, and contain new features, performance improvements, and bug fixes.
  • Many special effects are included for enhancing and perfecting your images. Everything from blurring, sharpening, red-eye removal, distortion, noise, and embossing are included.
  • The facilities for creating and working with selections is powerful, yet still simple enough to be picked up quickly.

Download Paint.NET

Paint.NET will automatically run in 64-bit mode if possible. You must have a 64-bit capable CPU and an x64 edition of Windows.

Paint.NET includes simple tools for drawing shapes, including an easy-to-use curve tool for drawing splines or Bezier curves. The Gradient tool, new for 3.0, has been cited as an innovative improvement over similar tools provided by other software. The facilities for creating and working with selections is powerful, yet still simple enough to be picked up quickly. Other powerful tools include the Magic Wand for selecting regions of similar color, and the Clone Stamp for copying or erasing portions of an image. There is also a simple text editor, a tool for zooming, and a Recolor tool.

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